About Pro Pilvipalvelut

Pro Pilvipalvelut (Pro Cloud Services) is a suite of governance, risk management and compliance tools designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, public administration and non-governmental organizations.
Pro helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to easily adopt, implement and monitor best practises for their processes, rules, tools and systems. With Pro, organizations can ensure that their governance (internal practises) and regulatory compliance (external practices) are managed in order to mitigate risk and follow the law across various domains within the business or organization, such as IT, finance, HR, and marketing.
Pro's suite of tools guides customers on how to manage issues such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO quality standards and quality management, risk management, safety at work, employees' permits and licenses, and HR documentation throughout the entire employee life cycle. The Pro platform stores all documents securely in the cloud for easy access.

Product Value

In small companies, one person such as the CEO is often responsible for everything: monitoring legislation, complying with various statutory tasks, documenting them and keeping the records up to date. Pro's governance and compliance tools provide clients an extremely time and cost effective way to ensure regulatory compliance and to always keep their organization up to date.
Pro offers ready-made forms, applications and checklists that have been verified by and are continuously updated by Pro's legal and compliance teams. In addition to creating the needed documents, Pro makes it easy to understand the regulatory issues at hand by providing easy-to-digest guidelines and thorough advice on how to fill out the documents step-by-step.
"With the Pro Privacy Policy (Pro Tietosuoja) module's guidelines, we train our staff and create our own documentation which we update whenever needed. Information about our staff's permits and reminders for permit updates are conveniently entered in the Pro Permits register. With the help of Pro's questions, we can document our privacy policy in a readable format and use it to show how we are doing everything in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation." - Mirja Varonen, entrepreneur at Finnish home care company, Keski-Karjalan Hoivapalvelut Oy.


The Challenge

Pro Pilvipalvelut (Pro Cloud Services) was founded by seasoned industry veteran, Mr Hannu Hirvonen, accompanied by legal and compliance experts, all with a mission to help organizations stay up to date with regulatory compliance and to guide organizations towards a more comprehensive management system. They had no in-house technological team, so after developing a Proof of Concept prototype, they were looking for a partner to transform the prototype into a full-fledged, easily customizable web platform with secure cloud technology.

Implementation Toolbox

Pro Pilvipalvelut main features

Create documentation guided by easy step-by-step guidelines. Available for an extensive range of issues, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, ISO quality standards and quality management, risk management, occupational safety, and HR documentation throughout the entire employee life cycle.

Keep track of your employees permits and licenses (e.g. hot work permit, liquor server license) and get reminders when they are in need of an update.

Encourage employees to report safety incidents and near misses, and document the measures taken

Users get access rights and relevant reminders and notifications based on their role as a manager, HR representative, occupational safety representative, data protection officer, or regular employee.


Pro has acquired satisfied users in Finland across small and medium sized firms, public organizations and NGOs. Pro has also begun to raise great interest from other countries within the EU and further afield, such as within Southeast Asia where the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is largely used as a baseline on privacy policy and data protection. Pro's product family is a top choice especially for smaller organizations without their own extensive legal and compliance teams, looking to mitigate risk with an integrated approach across their business or organization.

“My experience with Pro Safety at Work convinced me. It's easy to transfer old documents to the service, and the documents can easily be found in one place. There are no more different files and old versions here and there. In a small company like ours, the CEO needs to know everything, at least on a basic level. The more I learned about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the more challenging it felt. It didn't feel clear enough to me, so that's why I chose Pro Privacy Policy. Now I don't need to have such profound knowledge about GDPR, I just follow the instructions and consider the way we process personal data with the help of Pro's questions and form templates.”

-Pekka Tennivaara

CEO of Kittilän Aluelämpö Oy (Finnish district heating company)

Further references from satisfied customers across a wide range of organizations can be found in Finnish at Asiakkaitamme, ranging from sports associations to dental practices, metal manufacturers to car service centres, and accountants to plumbers.

“Nolwenture has been and continues to be a great partner for developing and maintaining our suite of services. They've demonstrated great flexibility and agility for implementing customer driven design changes, with our ever expanding tools and form templates and growing breadth of users.”

-Hannu Hirvonen

CEO and Founder of Pro PK-Pilvipalvelut

Nolwenture’s Approach

  • 1

    MVP (Minimum Viable Product) requirement evaluation, based on the earlier Proof of Concept and communications with Pro.
  • 2

    Creating the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), including continuous end-user testing with a pre-identified “alpha customer”.
  • 3

    Scaling up and automating the product,and gaining proof of further traction. Giving the Pro team tools for adapting, customizing and maintaining the platform.
  • 4

    Platform capability expansion, with the Pro team continuously updating the platform.

User Interface