About MOGUL.sg

Started by a group of entrepreneurs in 2018, MOGUL.sg is a Singapore property search portal designed to reinvent the entire real estate journey for buyers, sellers and agents. With its tagline of “Singapore’s smartest property search portal”, MOGUL.sg aims to make property searches easy with smart keyword searches, property tagging and a specially curated agent concierge team to assist home owners. MOGUL.sg uses Singapore’s OneMap, and is supported by geospatial industry centre GeoWorks, which is developed by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).
With Nolwenture’s help, MOGUL.sg launched on 21st November 2018. This new property search portal is helping home seekers in Singapore find their dream home faster and easier. MOGUL’s secret sauce is its implementation of custom keywords – which are generated from the Singapore Land Authority’s OneMap geospatial data - to help users search with greater granularity.

Focus Market


Product value

Gerald Sim, Chief Executive Officer and founder of MOGUL.sg, said: “MOGUL.sg aims to use AI (artificial intelligence) to simplify these processes and make the matching between property owners and home-seekers easier and more transparent.”

Sim continues: “Having the most accurate and updated map data empowers our keyword-search system with powerful context. We may be the new kid on the block, but integrating OneMap is our competitive advantage which will differentiate us.”

“We think that users are tired of having to scroll through pages of ads before even reaching organic results from real home owners. We want to do for property search what Google did for the Web search industry in the early 2000s – deliver accurate and useful search results for the users,” added Mr Sim.

Media launch
21st November 2018
Sales conversion for Agent’s sign up
Property Listings (as of 21.12.2018)
Mobile application launch
January 2019

The Challenge

The founders of MOGUL.sg were searching for a solution provider that could take their product vision and build a commercially successful web responsive app, with the knowledge that a dedicated mobile app would likely need to follow this. At the time the market had Real Estate Agencies, and Real Estate Listing Portals. With a background as a Real Estate Agency the goal was to evolve into a combined agency and portal with a portfolio, mapping and keyword feature set to disrupt and better serve the market. The users would be home owners selling or looking to rent out, MOGUL.sg’s own agents, other agencies' personnel and of course buyers / renters who if they wanted could find an agent through MOGUL.sg to help them through the journey or search directly if preferred.


Our goal was to build a new search system, providing accurate and relevant outcomes for property seekers. Using combinations of keywords, a user is able to come up with efficiently filtered results, unencumbered by advertising. Saving users' time by delivering relevant results, and with a business model that will avoid needing ad-listings in search results. Avoiding the competitors way of basing the top of the list results on how much money the agent is spending instead of delivering the most relevant results to the home seeker.

Nolwenture’s technology base was utilized for cost savings, reviewed and customized to suit the stated requirements, following an initial architecture review.

Nolwenture Base (for responsive web app)

MOGUL.sg main features

Home seekers can look for properties using custom keywords and receive in-built AI recommendations.

OneMap automatically tags keywords to properties that are listed; sellers can further refine the keywords or add more manually.

With OneMap support, MOGUL.sg’s map is always up-to-date with the latest building, address and road information.

A selected group of property agents in MOGUL.sg’s agent network forms the property concierge team. They personally filter through messages to ensure that spam does not reach home buyers and sellers alike, as well as recommend properties to potential buyers based on their keyword searches. One property concierge communicates with the home owner as the single point of contact.


MOGUL.sg is now recognised as one of the pioneer start-ups housed at the Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) recently launched GeoWorks. GeoWorks was set up by SLA as an industry centre to galvanise the geospatial industry by connecting geospatial businesses, entrepreneurs as well as users and support them with the resources and expertise to catalyse geospatial innovation and solutions.
At the time of writing (21.12.2018) one month after the media launch, MOGUL.sg has over 26 thousand properties listed, a 100% sales conversion of agents taking MOGUL.sg into use and gaining early commercial traction ahead of any major marketing activity planned for 2019.

“We will continue to work with Nolwenture as MOGUL.sg aims to use artificial intelligence to simplify these processes even more and continue to make the matching between property owners and home seekers easier and more transparent.”

“We selected Nolwenture after an international search. Not only have they delivered as promised but they have also added value with their creativity and in supporting MOGUL.sg to build our own in-house technical team”

“Given our positive experience with Nolwenture, we agreed additional work orders to continue to maintain, host and make iterative improvements to our current Web App, but also to develop our dedicated Mobile App that has been requested by our customers”

Nolwenture’s Approach

  • 1

    Wireframe and mock-up activity were heavily and effectively used between MOGUL.sg and Nolwenture’s allocated teams for mapping the desired User Experience.
  • 2

    Nolwenture’s Base and  technical choices were reviewed and customised to suit the stated requirements, with an initial technical architecture review.
  • 3

    UX/UI, clickable prototype followed by MVP (logic, content creation) and Completion (scalable, tested, with payment /business model being fully supported for monetization).
  • 4

    Agile and iterative, throughout we used a series of sprints, containing the issue / ticket and story points. Our agile approach is based on feedback and knowledge gained through the project, with regular communication with the client via online conference calls, demo sessions, complete access to our DevOps tools showing the progress against estimates.

Implementation Toolbox


User Interface